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beautiful handmade jewellery and paintings by dore stockhausen & marcus foley


Jewellery tour with Marcus Foley and Dore Stockhausen
the best of Morocco... and make jewellery along the way!

- Awaiting Dates for 2019 -

Relax and enjoy the Amazigh (Berber) Culture of Morocco, the art, architecture, food and music, as we traverse the fantastic landscape of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara on this unique tour that will have a focus on traditional and contemporary jewellery.

Travelling with Marcus Foley & Dore Stockhausen you will have an opportunity to draw inspiration from your experience, develop your own jewellery designs and create a unique piece of your own made en route. Or you can just relax and enjoy with a group of like-minded people!

Or you can just relax and enjoy with a group of like-minded people!

Moroccan cultural travel specialists, Amazigh Cultural Tours together with Dore have tailored this jewellery tour to be an experience you'll forever cherish.

Please visit Amazigh Cultural tour's website for a detailed itinerary and all further information.




a taste of previous tours...

Nkob,  in southern Morocco...

Nkob,  in southern Morocco...

Perched on the North West tip of Africa, Morocco is endowed with a rich and complex cultural history where the indigenous Amazigh (Berber) people maintain a strong connection with the land, their ancient traditions and lifestyle. A major trade route bringing riches from the Sahara, the jewellery shows a multitude of influences and resources including Middle-Eastern, sub-Saharan and European materials and techniques.

Suitable for practicing gold and silversmiths or beginners with no previous jewellery making experience, this 14 day tour will traverse a large part of southern Morocco from the ancient city of Marrakesh, over the Atlas Mountains to the edge of the Sahara as well as the coastal fishing port of Essaouira, a traditional centre for jewellery production in Morocco.



                                  Client Feedback

Carole at work, jewellery tour 2015.

Carole at work, jewellery tour 2015.

2015 Jewellery Tour

Sounds like most of us are back home after our amazing two weeks in Morocco .
As you know, the jewellery component of the trip wasn’t a priority for me. I was looking forward to seeing the sights, sounds and smells of the country. I wasn’t disappointed.
The little traditional guest houses right in the centres of towns, meant each morning we walked out the door, the street was full of donkeys, motorbikes and people going about their daily life. Our meals were lovely, and catered for us fussy clients! Love tagines, yum.
Mustafa navigated us amazingly well through the little streets, and out through the spectacular mountains. The country is both beautiful and vast. I can see why you love it. I have a new found respect for the resilient people who live there. They work so hard, just to get enough to live and support their families.

I will try to remember the few key words Abdou taught us. They came in really handy. He is a really lovely young guy, a great guide. I hope he can get to Australia for a visit. (Insha’Allah)
Thanks to Dore too, for her patient help and skill, to ensure I produced a silver piece of jewellery. I would not have thought it possible. She is amazing. I was also surprised to find I like yoga, after I joined the impromptu class, started by a few of the other girls on the tour. Who knew?
You never know who you will meet, or what you will get up to on a tour. I have learnt lots, had fun and met some really great people.

Thanks a lot,

Edith Sommer, cast silver, 2014 Jewellery Tour

Edith Sommer, cast silver, 2014 Jewellery Tour

2014 Jewellery Tour

Dear Rita, Bruce and Dore,

I am still basking in the incredible memory of experiences we had with you. It was a fantastic trip and I could not think of any suggestions on how to have improved it. I loved our being away from the big hustle and bustle of the big cities and I think the pace suited me and gave me enough time in the evenings to reflect on all that we had done during the day. I just printed out my photos today and can relive some of those exceptional moments.

Thanks again, much love
California USA

Joan at work on the 2014 Jewellery Tour

Joan at work on the 2014 Jewellery Tour

2014 Jewellery Tour

I have been going through my hundreds of photos and basking in memories of the wonderful trip you put together. The fact that it was all organized around metal smithing of one kind or another added the depth a regular sightseeing tour just doesn’t come close to. You chose such interesting and scenic places that gave me a true taste of the country of Morocco. I never would have gotten the true taste of the Southern part of the country if is weren’t for the towns, riads, souks and workshops you took us too. Small shops and work places allowed me to know the authentic workshops where the products of Morocco are produced, so much of it by hand. In particular, for me, it was so exciting to see how the metal smiths turn out such magnificent pieces with just a few simple tools.

Seeing them work segwayed so seamlessly into our similar experience working with the simple tools we and Dore supplied. I think the jewelry that my travel mates created with only the basic tools was creative, stunning, and captured and synthesized the influence of all you exposed us too. I love the way Dore encouraged us to find our designs in the architecture, souks, and countryside. I love that my influence was the bark in a palm tree.

Dore is a superb teacher. She gave each of us the support technically, artistically and emotionally to create very satisfying and lovely results. I get so many compliments. People stop me and compliment my silver necklace with the cast piece. I never could have produced it without her support. I haven’t made jewelry in 40 years and now ideas are just pouring through my head.

What for me, was the very best part was my travel partners. Each one of those people were fun, kind, insightful and enhanced what you chose for us to see. Seeing those experiences through their eyes added so much depth.

There was not a hiccup on the trip. Your behind the scenes planning saw to our every comfort.
And it seemed as though you did it so effortlessly. Bruce is amazing! He has so many skills that he shares so generously: photography, tools, metal work and his explanations of the historical background helped me to understand so much about Morocco, its economy, art, architecture, agriculture, animals and above all the people and their customs.

So to answer your Feedback Form;

Administration/Website info – 9; Booking ease and efficiency – 10; Post booking info – 10; Itinerary/Planning 10;  accurate tour information – 10
Tour group: AMAZING!
The Tour: accommodation 10; food 8; transport 10; standard of support, local guides, etc. 10
Leader-Guide/s: skill, organisation 10; people skills 11; specialist skills 122; local knowledge 10; 
Cultural sensitivity 10; Environmental sensitivity 10; Overall ability 12
Driver: road safety 10/courtesy 11/punctuality 10
Overall Satisfaction: value for my money 10; overall satisfaction 11

Joan Sperans, cast silver form (left), silver wire, found recycled element (right) 2014 Jewellery Tour

Joan Sperans, cast silver form (left), silver wire, found recycled element (right) 2014 Jewellery Tour

I have so many places I want to go that I don’t think I’d do another tour in Morocco but if you lead an art based tour somewhere else I would seriously consider it. I would DEFINITELY recommend your tours to others
Of course you could post any of my comments.
California USA
(*Note. ACTM Feedback form asks for the following rating…‘Please indicate your responses rating your experience from 1 – 5:
1 poor – 2 disappointing – 3 satisfactory – 4 good – 5 excellent’
…we are assuming Joan scored us out of 10? So we are very happy with some 12s! – could 122 for specialist skills be a slip? 12? either way we are reading it as a good score!!!! thanks Joan)