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beautiful handmade jewellery and paintings by dore stockhausen & marcus foley

Jill Hermans - Assemblage... {cluster, array, medley}

Marcus FoleyComment
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We are thrilled to present once more, stunning hand-made jewellery by local artist Jill Hermans. 
Opening on Saturday 9th June at 4pm and running till 30th June, the exhibition, Assemblage, will show Jill's continued exploration of her favoured material, the Japanese alloy shibuichi. 
Light-weight but strong, shibuichi is an excellent metal for jewellery as it will also take on unique oxide colouring, a characteristic Jill exploits to wonderful effect. 
Everyone is welcome to attend the opening and celebrate Jill's new works.

Spring Bloom

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Hello everyone,

with such a long cold winter this year we are delighted to welcome the change in weather together with 3 jewellers new to oneofftwo! Dore is especially pleased we are also showing (and selling!) a collection of Carole Rigler's gorgeous frocksin our next exhibition, Spring Bloom, celebrating this very welcome change in the seasons.

We hope to see you soon, if not at the opening then sometime later as the exhibition is on until Christmas.

Dore & Marcus

Sweet Abundance

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You're all invited to our fabulous new exhibition that is part of (f)routeville weekend, 1st & 2nd of March. We are so excited (and busy in the garden - der!) to have Costa Georgiadis as our special guest, I hope he loves all of the wonderful (f)ruity jewellery that our contributing artists have made. We are also thrilled to be launching our very own little black book - 'sweet abundance' by Daniel Jenkins.

14 day Moroccan Jewellery Tour with Dore Stockhausen

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Dore will be conducting a 14 day fully guided jewellery tour of Morocco in conjunction with our very good friends Rita Lazauskas and Bruce Derrick who live in Morocco and run Amazigh Cultural Tours. She was recently over there, traveling all around researching for next years tour. She came back amazed at the fairy tale-like culture and astounding countryside. And then there was the jewellery! Too much to mention here so please look at the full itinerary for Dore's 14 day jewellery tour of Morocco on the Amazigh Cultural Tours website:

Bendigo POP UP

POP UP exhibitionMarcus FoleyComment

Hi everyone, we are are off to Bendigo at the end of the month for another of our POP UP events! This time we are taking the opportunity to coincide with the Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award 2013 being exhibited at the Post Office Gallery, an annex of the Bendigo Regional Art Gallery, right in the heart of the town. We are extremely lucky to have a space directly opposite the Post Office in Pall Mall, thanks so much to Jill and Jools for Jim salon for being so generous! We have lots of work to show and will be offering 15% off of everything, so come to beautiful Bendigo and take in a weekend of contemporary jewellery and silversmithing.

Ocean Blue Growing Green

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Here we are again extending an invitation to everyone for our forthcoming Easter exhibition, Ocean Blue Growing Green by Pennie Jagiello and Dore Stockhausen. Pennie's jewellery is meticulously made using materials entirely sourced by her many years of beach combing. Discover for yourself her curious and colourful jelly-fish baby bangles and sponge-cup rings. Whilst Dore has been indulging her passion for the colour green and expressing it in her latest enamel and silver pendants and rings.

A Christmassy Summer

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Our summer exhibition of jewellery featuring our work along with 7 other jewellery artists. Of special interest will be the 3D printed jewellery of Bin Dixon-Ward together with Pennie Jagiello's pieces created entirely from life's flotsam and jetsam. The exhibition will continue through to the end of January

SITE/sight INSIGHT Drawing workshop with RITA LAZAUSKAS

workshopMarcus FoleyComment

We are thrilled to introduce our friend Rita Lazauskas to you through her weekend drawing workshop being held at oneofftwo.

Artist/curator Rita Lazauskas has over twenty years experience working in public galleries in the development and presentation of exhibitions, public programs, workshops and guided tours.
A practicing artist since 1986, Rita works predominantly in drawing and painting. She has been a finalist in all the major drawing awards in Australia including the Dobell, Robert Jack, Dominique Segan, Hutchin, Swan Hill, Hazelhurst and Jacaranda. Awards include the 2011 Arts Wodonga Hume Award and 2004 Blackfriars Drawing Acquisitive.


Working from observation my practice includes a commitment to a daily drawing project, ongoing since 2003. When traveling the drawings record the landscape and architecture, most recently in Morocco. But more often than not, they are based on the objects on hand at home, reflecting on the complexities of life from a safe and defended position.

A bevy of old toys and junk, including iconic symbols of western culture such as the ‘Barbie’ doll, are in the jumble of debris and objects on the desktop. Viewed from above, the discarded toys, each with their own attributes and imperfections, become metaphor for the human condition. They act out scenarios - relationships are forged and narratives abound.

Rita Lazauskas

Please have a look at Rita's unique drawings on her website:

Organic Geometry

exhibition invitationMarcus FoleyComment

We'd like to extend an invitation to everyone for Marcus' exhibition "Organic geometry", a new collection of contemporary rings at oneofftwo. The opening is on Easter Sunday afternoon from 2.30. Come along and enjoy a drink or two.
We're really pleased that Linus and Liam, two terrific jazz musicians will be there to bang out some great tunes.
The show will continue through April, closing on the 29th - if you can't make the opening we'd still love to see you.