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Paintings by Dore Stockhausen

Paintings can be purchased directly from oneofftwo in Nungurner.
If that does not suit you, delivery can be arranged by contacting Dore or Marcus on       03 51563270 or via the contact page, but please be aware that prices listed here on our site are 'off the wall' so to speak and do not include packaging and delivery. 
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All of Dore's paintings are mounted unframed with canvas stretched and bonded to dibond, a very flat and stable laminated aluminium substrate. When finished the painting is supported and hung by aluminium tube attached to the rear with industrial tape. When hung the paintings have a clean modern look with a shallow shadow line.


Painting Collections

'First Thursday seven forty nine' - by Dore Stockhausen, acrylic on canvas on dibond, 55 cm H x 55 cm W3, 2017.JPG

High Times - 2017 exhibition


This series of paintings is the result of Dore's two weeks Artist residency at Falls Creek courtesy of the mountain management and their Arts and Culture program. 

Photos taken during her early morning or evening walks around the beautiful and varied alpine landscape provided the inspiration as well as the titles to this group of paintings.


'behind the dunes IV' - from 'point, pace and flow' by Dore Stockhausen, 2016 - 900mm W x 500mm H. acrylic on canvas on dibond.JPG

point, pace and flow - 2016 Exhibition

Dore's second solo painting exhibition has been inspired by her love of playfully taking photographs of night-time scenes, whereby using long exposures and thoughtful camera moves she captures the expected and unexpected.


Across and Beneath - 2016 exhibition

For the past 23 years jumping off the nearby jetty, staring at sunsets and swimming in the Gippsland Lakes has been an almost daily part of my life.

It’s about time that these waters appear in my work!




The Drive - 2016


This small series of works comes from an ongoing area of exploration; time, place and the peripheral view. In this instance, driving home along Nungurner road.




Spring Bloom - 2015 exhibition

We grew some tulips and jonquils which I photographed, cut and in vases against the night time blackness of our kitchen window.

Then I did these paintings.