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beautiful handmade jewellery and paintings by dore stockhausen & marcus foley

              Dore's Jewellery Flash Sale

flash sale fber.jpg


you may not know but Dore has laid down her jewellery tools for good as her new love of painting has taken hold completely and there's no turning back now for Dore!
This may not be so bad or sad as you might think, because if you have ever coveted one (or more) of Dore's lustrous jewellery pieces, now is the time to be bold and buy!
All of her jewellery in stock is up for grabs this week at up to 40% off!!
This week only, until Friday 25th.
Come and see us in the studio as we will be open specially this weekend (and during the week as normal) or visit our site and browse her jewellery catalogue. If you see a piece you want to purchase simply give us a call - 51563270 - or use our contact page and quote the jewellery code. We will put purchases aside for collecting or FREE shipping to you once an emailed invoice is paid.
If you like, please feel free to ask for larger images of any of Dore's jewellery to help you choose.